Garage doors, like any other complex mechanical systems, require maintenance. They wear out over time and have problems, many of which could have been prevented with proper maintenance. If you have one or multiple garage doors on your property, it’s important to maintain them all. We’re garage door maintenance contractors and we can help keep all your doors operating properly over time.

General Maintenance

The mechanical parts of a garage door eventually wear out and stop functioning properly over time. To keep them going well they need to be maintained. We have technicians that will lubricate the parts of the system, clean them out and make replacements to minor components of your garage doors over time.

Annual Service Calls

If you don’t want to worry about the health of your garage doors all the time, consider setting up annual service dates with our team to keep your doors in top-notch condition. While the doors may not need maintenance immediately after installation, or the next few years later, eventually it makes sense to pay for annual servicing and you’ll be happy with how well your doors continue to function over time with our annual maintenance plan.

Maintaining a Variety of Door Types

Some companies will only work on specific garage door types, that’s not us. We’ll come in and perform the required maintenance on a wide array of garage door types for your home or business. No matter what type of garage door you have on your property, we can help keep it functioning properly over time.

To keep your doors in the best possible shape over time, and to avoid expensive repairs in the future, consider hiring our team to come in and maintain your doors. We’ll perform the necessary maintenance and help you identify potential problem points in the future as well.

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