There is much more to flooring maintenance than simply cleaning occasionally. Depending on what kind of flooring you have, there may be a variety of ways it needs to be maintained to look great and last for years to come. Cleaning agents used to keep hardwood floors shining may not be best for your tile or concrete floors and it is vital to use the correct cleaning agents on each flooring type. We have helped thousands of people maintain their floors throughout the years and we would love to assist you as well.

Hardwood Flooring

We can help with your hardwood floors by sanding, recoating and finishing them so they shine. Recoating can be done to help get the shine you want and we recommend screening and recoating at least once each year. We also refinish floors by sanding down to the raw material, staining and sealing. This is a great way to get your floors to that new color you may want or to make them look brand new again. We also do hardwood repairs for those trouble spots where wood may be chipped or you may have deep scratches that just won’t come out easily. When you want your hardwood to look like new, give us a call.

Stone or Marble Flooring

Stone and marble flowing must be taken care of with precisely the right chemicals to maintain the shine and true luster that you want in your home. Maintaining stone and marble flooring is generally simple to do with just plain water and a soft cotton mop. Once a year, stone and marble should be polished to maintain a glossy look and shine.

Tile Flooring

To self-maintain a tile floor, it is advised to not only mop with a cleaning agent that will clean dirt and grime away but to also use a vacuum cleaner to deep clean the grout around each tile. If you have chipped or broken tiles, we can replace those easily and have your flooring looking like new again quickly.

Whether you need regular maintenance or need us to come in for an annual cleaning and floor inspection, our team can be there quickly when you call for service.