Five Ways to Reduce Home Allergens

Allergens can be a pain. Don’t let them ruin your life when they’re not taken care of. Through some helpful tips, you will find that it is much easier to reduce the allergens that might be floating around your home than you originally thought. Make sure to check out these tips and put them to use to get the most out of the air quality throughout your home.

  1. Clean the Filter

Clean the filter in the furnace regularly or replace it depending on the system. This can hold a lot of dust and debris that might end up in the air. You don’t want to have this happen, since everyone is going to be breathing in these allergens and toxins.

  1. Dust Regularly

Dusting the home regularly can reduce the number of allergens that are left around the house from the ducts of the furnace. When you do so, you can use a rag that has the dust cling to it. When it goes into the air, this creates worse problems.

  1. Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Having your ducts cleaned can ensure that you have less dust and debris that is sent into the air. A professional HVAC contractor can do this for you, so you don’t have to worry about having to do it yourself.

  1. Use a New System

If the system is old, it might be time to replace it. Consider the age of the furnace and then replace it if necessary. Sometimes a good cleaning it all the system needs to get it back on its feet and to reduce the amount of dust and allergens are in the air.

  1. Regularly Vacuum

Regularly vacuum the house. The vacuum will pick up the dust and debris that fall on the carpets. They hold the allergens in them. When you vacuum them up, you dispose of these allergens that are lurking in hard to see places.

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