Five Tips to Keeping Windows Clean in the Winter

The colder months of the year are always a time when you see the most condensation on the windows. Not only that, but pets and small hands can also leave smudges, dust, dirt and debris. This is going to look unsightly on the inside and outside of the home. However, no one has time to keep running around and wiping down the windows throughout the winter months. Keep these window cleaning tips in mind for the next winter and keep your windows spotless throughout the entire season.

  1. Add rubbing alcohol to the water that you use on the windows to keep them clean but also to prevent condensation and frost from building up on them. This gives them a nice covering that is easy to put on and safe to have on.
  2. Scrub the windows inside and out in the fall before the winter comes rolling around to make sure that they’re spotless when the winter months come. This can save a lot of headache when trying to clean the outside of the windows and it is freezing out.
  3. Use a rain repellent cleaner on the outside of the window to keep the condensation and frost off the glass. A lot of people do not think about using this product, but it is able to save a lot of trouble come the winter months.
  4. Try to keep little fingers, noses and other dirty items away from the windows by blocking them with items, furniture or other things that can allow you to look out the window but not have to worry about anyone touching them.
  5. Let the sunshine in. This will reduce the condensation and even make the windows appear cleaner than they are. You do not have to worry about dirty spots, but the sunlight can also make you feel great throughout the colder months of the year.

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