Five Things to Ask Your Swimming Pool Contractor Before Hiring

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is something that can not only boost the value of your home, but also provide comfort and a way to get exercise or just have some fun in the sun. When you’re thinking of adding a pool to your yard, you must hire a professional that can come out and install one. This means speaking with swimming pool contractors that can do the job.

Here are some of the questions you should ask them regarding the swimming pool you want and how they’re able to help.

ONE – Are you licensed and insured?

You want to make sure that they have the necessary background and knowledge to do the job, but also that they’re protected in case something happens. This can be dangerous if the person doesn’t know what they’re doing when they put in a pool.


TWO – Do you have samples of pools that you put in?

Knowing the types of pools that they put in and then asking them which is the best for your yard can give you some options and ideas of the types of pools you might want to go with when it comes to adding one in your yard.


THREE – Do you work with a contract?

Always work on contract with all contractors that you hire, especially those that are charging you thousands of dollars. You want to cover all your bases and without the proper contract in place, you will find that something might go wrong.


FOUR – Can I speak with references?

If they can provide references then this is a good thing, but you want to make sure that you call the references, since you need to make sure they’re people they have worked with in the past that were pleased with their services.


FIVE – Is there anything special I need to do?

Knowing what you need to do, if anything, is always a good thing. You also want to know how much you should be paying up front and how long the project is going to take. Have them add this information to the contract, as well.

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