Fire resistant drywall is a common product used in homes and businesses, but many times its installed improperly, or it takes a long time for the workers to complete the installation. We specialize in fire resistant drywall and complete most applications using the material rather than the standard type. We highly recommend the use of this material anywhere possible because it’s so beneficial. When you have an installation done by us you’ll enjoy all of the following fire resistant drywall benefits as well.

Noise Proofing

One benefit that most people don’t even consider when it comes to fire resistant drywall is its noise-proofing capabilities. We can install fire-resistant drywall in theater rooms, on a child’s wall, or anywhere else in your home where you want to muffle sounds a bit more. The material is thicker, more highly insulated and helps slow down sounds so they aren’t heard as far overall.

Slow Down Fires

The most obvious reason to have fire resistant drywall installed in a home or business environment is to slow down the spread of fire throughout the building. It’s mandatory in some areas of the home like near a boiler or on the wall that’s facing a garage, but it’s good for any section of the house really. It takes a standard fire about 30 minutes to burn through typical drywall, but it will take an hour to burn through the fire-resistant material. That means installing it throughout your home could effectively halve burn damage from a fire, which is a nice benefit.

More Durable Walls

Another real benefit of us installing fire resistant drywall in your home is that it’s just a more durable product overall. It’s more difficult to break than the standard stuff is, which means that it’s better in parts of your home that are used heavily. If you have a large room that children like to play in, consider having it installed there, it will hold up nicely.

Consider upgrading your home and give us a call to learn more about fire resistant drywall.