Most home improvement tasks aren’t complete without a nice custom finish at the end. It doesn’t matter how nice the windows, doors or flooring is that you have put in your home. The result won’t look complete without a good custom finish applied around it.

Window and Door Trim

Windows and doors aren’t complete without high quality trim installed around them. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your home’s windows and doors, our installers can put a custom finish around them to help make them really stand out. No matter what type of wood or composite material you want added around your windows, we can install it with precision so that it looks nice for years afterward.


Moldings are a beautiful finishing touch that should be added to every room of the home, unfortunately they must be installed with precision to look good. We install a range of molding options from the more standard thin installations, to luxurious crown that will stand out in your home and really give it that upscale look you’re going for.


Nothing completes a room quite like baseboard does. Hide flooring imperfections dress up your living space and really help make that kitchen or living room pop with good quality baseboard installation. All the baseboard we use is of a high grade, and we’ll make sure that any imperfections in your home are hidden with care, giving you a more beautiful floor to look at.

Paneling Installation

Our team of experienced installers can put in a range of different types of paneling into your home. Create a more modern or interesting look using a luxurious paneling material rather than the standard sheetrock that’s used in homes around the country.

If your home needs some finishing work, or you have an upcoming construction project that needs completing, give us a call to get the help you need today.