FAQ’s About Water Wells

Knowing some simple facts about water wells can help you make the decision on whether they’re something that you want to use to your advantage. With this being said, you should consider not only the well in the yard but the professional that is able to drill the hole for you, as these are both going to be the two most important factors with water well drilling.

How Much Room Do I Need for Drilling?

30 feet on one side, another 30 feet on the other is all that is needed to drill a well that is eight feet wide. Once this is done, these 60 or so feet do not need to be uncovered and only the spot where the well is will have to be considered. The well itself is underground and cannot be seen from above. There will be a marker put in that shows where it is.

How Long Will This Take?

Drilling time is affected by a few different things such as the type of drilling, condition of the ground, how long set up takes and other specifics. It can take anywhere from a half day up to four days or more. The specific well that you’re having put in can be placed on a specific time frame according to the well digger you’re using.


Will the Well Free Flow Out of the Ground?

Not all wells will do this. Some of the wells that do have this feature are known as an artisan well. Mostly all the wells that are drilled are to get the water that is under the ground that is also under pressure. When this happens, some of the water may pool to the top, but it usually does not free flow out of the ground, though it is possible.


Can I Drill a Well Even if I Have City Water?

Even if you have city water, you’re able to drill a well and use that water instead. This is something that not many people know about and think that just because they’re connected to the city water that they must use that water.

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