Family Friendly Carpet Choices

Family Friendly Carpet Choices

There are many carpet choices out there. Sometimes this can be overwhelming to the home owner. Not only do they want something that is going to look nice, but when you have children or pets, one type of flooring might be best suited for the home over another. It is important to look at all the available options and then choose which is best for your home.

Remember, each type of these flooring choices also comes in many different color choices. You can mix and match to your liking so that you have not only a beautiful floor, but something that is protected from those that you live with.


This is an affordable option that is not only easy to clean, but it is beautiful and durable. It is one of the longest lasting types of carpet on the market and one of the most popular. It however, does not make the same claims that the other two choices make. 


As the name implies, it is made for pets and children. Not only is it durable, but it is also comfortable. It is both affordable and great for the environment, as well which makes it one of the biggest choices for those with pets and kids. One of the biggest factors of this type of carpet is that it can resist almost any type of stain that it meets. 


Stain and soil protection go hand in hand with this type of carpet. A bit more expensive than the other options, it is built with resistance and longevity in mind. This is something that almost every homeowner is looking for in a carpet. No other fiber carpet can make the claims and stick with them that Triexta can make, so it is a great option on the market.

Are you ready to carpet the home that you live in? Check out these options when you go to speak with the flooring contractor in your area. You might find something that was made for your home and that really stands out.

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