Factors That Will Shape The Quotes You Receive From A Carpet Installer


There are lots of carpet installers out there advertising their services. However, not all meet your requirements, resulting in the need to narrow down to those that meet your needs. After choosing your preferred installers, you need to request for a quote which is often provided at no cost. The quotes sent to you are often based on a number of factors, with the most common ones listed below.

  • Size of area to be covered

When preparing for carpet installation, it is important to measure the area in which it will be fixed. It is vital to avoid any mistakes at this stage if the entire installation process is to go as planned. Most times, the larger the area designated for carpeting, the higher the cost – and vice versa. It is for this reason that measurements should be done to precision by the homeowner or carpet installer; preferably the latter. Assessment by a professional will ensure that the quote sent is accurate and that the actual carpeting is done to scale. This way, the final result is satisfactory.

  • Size of carpet

The size of the room in which the carpet is to be fixed determines the carpet size. However, the size of the carpet also plays a role in the overall costing of services provided by an installer. Some homes or offices are carpeted using flooring that covers only a specific area, while others cover the entire floor. For carpet installers, having accurate dimensions of the carpet makes it easier to provide a quote for the job. If unsure of your carpet size, ask an installer to measure it for you and use the information to give a correct quote.

  • Method of installation

Carpet installation is done in a variety of ways with the most popular being the stretched-in and the glue-down methods. The glue down installation is more involving in terms of set up compared to the stretched in method. When asking for a quote, your preferred carpet installer will consider the method to be used when fixing the carpet. Most times, installation methods that require extra labor or tools will result in a higher cost than the alternative. Also, customized carpeting may attract higher costs in the quote sent by an installer.

  • Type of carpet

Carpets are available in a variety of materials and styles. Some are constructed using a single material while others feature a combination of materials. Some of the common materials for carpets include nylon, wool, and polyester; with some being more delicate than others. Carpets that are considered fragile will attract higher costs than their more durable counterparts. In most cases, delicate carpets require special tools and resources for installation to avoid any damages. For stronger materials the cost is lower as the carpet can be quickly fixed with little or no hassle and use of minimum resources.

  • Demand for installation services

Qualified and experienced carpet installers often have jobs all year round. It is common to find them having only a few slots remaining for those seeking their services. Usually, this demand for installation makes their services quite costly as compared to other companies. Fixing of carpets is commonly done before the winter season. At such times, carpet installers may increase their prices and this will be reflected in the quotes sent to potential clients. However, once that particular season passes, you can the prices to go back to normal.

  • Area of residence

In areas where there is more competition for carpet installation services, prices are usually low. The main focus for companies offering carpeting is to attract as many customers as possible. Often, the quotes prepared consider the competition in the market before sending a final quote.

Also, living in an area considered high-end may mean higher quotes from carpet installers. The quotes are likely to be priced higher because of the prestige and the higher cost of living in the area.

  • Extra services

Although the actual quote covers the actual carpet installation, there are times when the company offers extra services. Some of these extra services include removal of old carpeting, use of extra padding or carpeting the stairs. To get accurate costs, you will need to include these services when requesting for a quote from various carpet installers. In most cases, the cost will be much higher than the basic services for carpeting allowing you make an informed decision.

Generally, carpet installers prepare quotes that match the services they will offer a client. Using the factors above will give you an idea of how your installer will come up with your quote.