Electric heat is used regularly in both commercial and residential settings. It’s favored for its simplicity and for taking up a small footprint compared to duct-based or fuel-based systems. Electric heaters are easier to maintain than most fuel-based heaters but that doesn’t mean that you’ll never need professional help for your systems. It’s important to get help from professionals (like us) for both the installation of all your electric heaters, as well as for maintenance every now and then.

Helping with Electric Heater Selection

The right electric heaters will warm your home or business nicely without creating too much extra heat. We can help you figure out which type of heaters to get for the different rooms of your home. With electric heaters, you’ll need multiple units to warm up your entire space, unless it’s a single room.

Efficient Installation

Our electric heater contractors know how to install the heaters proper and how to do it quickly. While an electrician might be able to put in the heating units without a problem, we’ll install them in a way that really maximizes what they can do. We’ll put in each component of your heating system quickly and effectively. You’ll be using the new heat before you know it, and we’ll do away with the old heating components as we go.

Regular Maintenance and Repairs

One of the best things about electric heating systems is that they are virtually maintenance free. That doesn’t mean that you’ll never need maintenance help though. From cleaning the systems, to checking the contacts and oiling mechanical parts of the system there is work to be done. We can maintain all your heating components and more importantly, make repairs to anything that’s damaged over time. We’ll fix up your systems so that you continue to stay nice and warm over time.

Just because electric heat is simpler to understand doesn’t mean you should try to install the heaters yourself. Get in touch with our company and we’ll take care of installation, and repair tasks for you.