It’s an easy task to put up new sheets of drywall, and the task can be completed by most workers that understand how to measure, cut and fasten the panels in place. That’s why so many homeowners and some business owners decide to take on the task themselves, and there’s no issue in that. The issue comes when they move on to finishing the panel installation with mud, and the results are less professional than what they wanted. That’s why many people rely on drywall finishing contractors to take rough installed drywall to a nice smooth finish. That’s what we do, and if you have unfinished drywall we can help bring your project to a close.

Mudding and Smoothing

Once drywall panels are in place, mud or drywall compound must be applied over top of them to create a seamless finish. This is arguably the most important step of the entire process. Our team will tape up all the seams between your panels and then apply a drywall compound over top of them to create a relatively smooth surface. Then they will complete several additional applications until the finished results are nice and smooth and what was desired. This takes time to do properly, but the finished results are more than worth the effort involved.


Unlevel drywall that has dips or bends in it looks unnatural and can take away from the look of a finished wall. That’s why we always strive to level out drywall and make it look nice and even. We’ll take your walls and completely smooth them out, giving them a nice and even surface that you’ll be happy to paint over top of and to make use of.

Lower Labor Costs

Finishing drywall is one of the most time-intensive tasks, but by handling the panel installations yourself, you’ll lower the overall labor costs of any drywall installation. You can take on the standard installation work and then bring us in to finish the wall and make it look nice and smooth. Thus, you’ll lower your overall installation costs and still get the top-quality results that you are looking for.

For help getting that expert finish on your drywall, contact us today.