For years, wet carpet cleaning has been the standard way to maintain rugs and keep them looking nice over time. It’s not the standard cleaning method any longer though. Now many companies are making use of dry cleaning instead. This is a more modern technique that works well to clean carpets, but also helps preserve them over time and allows homeowners to enjoy their floors again sooner, rather than having to wait for them to dry out.

How Dry Cleaning Works

With standard carpet cleaning a liquid and chemical solution is infused into the fibers of the carpet and then extracted along with the dirt and grime. Dry cleaning works similarly, but a dry powder is spread over the carpet and often worked right into it using a brush or a large machine. Often a counter-rotating brush machine rubs the powder into the carpet, scrubs away the unwanted debris and then removed everything out of the carpet in the end.

Get Back to Using the Carpet Sooner

One of the biggest benefits of dry carpet cleaning services is that you can make use of the floors sooner after the cleaning process is complete. Traditional steam cleaners make the carpets wet after cleaning and they take several hours or even a day or longer to dry fully. With our dry-cleaning service, you’ll be using your floors once again shortly after the cleaning process is complete.

Gentler on Carpets

Standard carpet cleaning practices can be hard on carpets and wear them out faster. Our cleaning process is gentle on carpets and helps preserve their condition over time. If you want to get the longest lifespan out of the carpets in your home, consider investing in a dry-cleaning service instead. It’s a good deal when you consider that it is better for your carpet.

If you’re looking for one of the best ways to clean the carpet in your home, dry cleaning is a good solid option to consider.