Driveway Maintenance Tips

Driveway Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your driveway is a plus. When it comes to hot and cold weather going back and forth, as well as driving and other things that happen on the driveway, protection is vital. There are many ways that you can make that driveway last a bit longer.

Once the asphalt driveway is put in, the contractors generally give you an idea of what should and should not be done on it. However, if you cannot recall what these things are then these maintenance tips can help you. They allow you to keep your driveway in great shape so you do not have to keep re-doing it quicker than you’d have too.

Maintenance Tips for the Life of Your Driveway

Keep these maintenance tips in mind when it comes to the life of your driveway. Keep it in good shape throughout the year and enjoy it for many years to come.

Keeping it Clean

Hosing it down, sweeping it off and keeping the snow and other build up from it can keep it in great shape. You want to make sure that there is nothing left sitting on it when the time comes.


Sealing is an important job that should be done for the life of your driveway. It should be done once every year or every two years to keep it in the best shape possible. This can reduce cracking that happens throughout the year.

Avoid Chemicals

Avoid using chemicals, changing oil or putting gas on it. This can leave stains and cause the area to break down more rapidly than if you were to not use the area for that. Keeping it clean and away from these can help preserve its integrity.

It is important to keep your driveway in the best shape possible. Speak with a professional today to find out how they can come out and provide a quote for the asphalt driveway you’d like to have put in or replaced. Fill out the form below for more info!