Excavation is a simple task when it’s on land, but it becomes decidedly more difficult when you move off land and into the water. Moving equipment around in water is difficult and reaching the bottom of waterways is trying for standard equipment. Those that need to excavate a waterway, such as a canal, should look to a dredging excavation contractor instead of a general excavation contractor. These experts understand how to excavate out in water. We are a dredging excavation company and offer our services to those with waterways to clear out.

Clean Pond or Man Made Lake

Over time it’s common for ponds and lakes to fill up with muck. Our dredging team understands how to clear up the bottom of your body of water, without damaging a liner that’s in place. We can add depth to your pond or lake, while clearing away muck clinging to the bottom.

Clear Drainage

Deep drain systems can be very difficult to clear out or deepen with standard excavation equipment. We have dredging equipment that makes digging through deeper waterways simple to do. We can open your drainage and allow water to flow freely once again. We’ll quickly clear away blockages and leave you with an effective system once more.

Deepen Waterways

Our team specializes in adding depth to important canals and shipping pathways so that boats can fit through without trouble. We have the equipment to clear up shallow waterways and add some much-needed depth to them.

Professional Equipment

Dredging isn’t a task that just any excavator can complete. We have specialized equipment that allows us to reach farther out into water and farther down as well. We can handle most waterways, and offer a service that’s difficult to find.

If you need some dredging excavation, call us today.