There are several different ways to install carpet today, and it can be difficult to choose from one method or another. It’s important to consider not only comfort, but the strength of an installation once it is complete. The double glue down carpet installation method is known for offering a good mix of strength and sticking power in one. When a carpet is installed in this way, it will remain firmly in place, and it’s padded nicely for added comfort. Our company offers a double stick installation and we complete the procedure for companies on a regular basis.

What is the Double Glue Down Carpet?

A double glue down carpet installation involves a carpet and a thick carpet pad material. First the carpet pad or base is glued to the floor of the room. Once that is in place and it’s cured properly, the carpet itself is glued down to the padding on the floor. Once it’s smoothed out that completes the installation.

Enhanced Padding

One of the biggest benefits of this method, and the reason that many companies go for it over the standard glue down installation is because it’s more padded. If you want a softer walking surface and a more enjoyable carpet, the padding laid down underneath is going to make a major difference. It’s especially good for locations where people will be walking around without shoes, or where comfort is especially important.

Good Solid Adherence

Even though two different surfaces are glued down in this installation method, the final product is solid when done properly. The base layer padding is designed to stick well to concrete and can be put down reliably every time when done properly. Carpet itself sticks to that base layer nicely because the base is designed to hold nicely. If enough glue is put down and enough pressure is put on the carpet, the final installation should be reliable

Commercial Performance

Our installers will utilize a commercial carpet and the finished result will hold up reliably over time, offering good long-term commercial performance. That’s an investment worth making if you want long-term results.

If you’re looking for a padded carpet that holds up over time, call us today to schedule a double glue down carpet installation.