As you may already know, solar energy is a good way to help keep the environment clean. Did you know that solar power is also a great way to keep more money in your bank account? First, just from the start, you may be eligible for a 30% tax break for installation of solar power at your home. Depending on your overall install cost, this can be a decent amount of savings on your taxes this year.

When you install solar panels, you can decrease your energy bills each month while increasing the value of your home. More people today than ever before are searching for homes that are energy efficient and safer for the environment. A simple solar install can increase the favor for your home if you ever place it on the market.

Electricity vs Solar Energy

Throughout the last decade, the cost of electricity has risen, on average, around 2% annually. This means that your electric bill has most likely been on the rise each month for several years. This can be attributed to the rising cost of fuel from sources including natural gas and coal.

Solar panels are an investment, and to be honest, the initial cost can seem a little overwhelming to those who are trying to find ways to save money. Presently, the cost to install a 5kW system can run as high as $20,000 and up to $37,000 depending on the materials used and the solar contractor you hire for service.

When you figure out the total cost of a solar install however, you need to look at the tax credits you can receive. For a 5kW system with an initial charge of $20,000, you can save 30% with the tax credit and your overall cost will only be $14,000.

You will also save on your monthly energy bill. For instance, with a 5kW system, you can save up to half on your regular energy bill. If you typically receive a $200 monthly electric bill, you can possibly drop that charge down to $100 or less each month. This will save you a possible $1200 or more annually on the monthly energy bill alone.


Should You DIY a Solar Project?

DIY projects have been quite the trend over the last ten years or so. Normal, everyday people have found that with the help of a simple YouTube video or a television show, they can make all sorts of home crafts and tackle a variety of home repair projects. It seems there is a Pinterest page for virtually every type of DIY project imaginable.

Let’s face it. Being able to take on a large home improvement project and handling it entirely on your own is something that you can feel good about when you show your friends or family. DIY projects are ideal when you want to rehab an old dresser, paint a wall or even add a little glitter look to an otherwise drab countertop. When it comes to installing solar power to your home however, you may want to think twice before you head to the local big box hardware store to grab solar supplies and do it on your own.

You can find some great little solar kits at the local hardware store, but in comparison to what a professional solar contractor can offer, you may be looking at a savings of only around 10% or less annually when a pro can complete an install that can save you up to 50% or more on the power bills.

Also, the kits sold for DIY solar power are generally small kits designed for use in buildings outside of the home like a barn, tool shed or other building that you may want to power, but want to save on the electric bill. They are also ideal for recreational vehicles and the trendy tiny homes that you see today. If living off the grid appeals to you and you are in an area where you can legally do so, then, grab a DIY kit and install away.

Most people do not live in areas where living off the grid entirely is legal. You will still be required to have some sort of local power connection and this means that a solar contractor needs to complete the work for you.

What a Solar Contractor Can Do for You

A solar contractor has access to the top solar products that are on the market, but not exactly available for the average consumer to order. Anytime you install solar power options at your home, you want the best material available. A pro can help save you money because they can order supplies in large quantities to afford a lower price for the materials.

A professional will also have the necessary experience needed to install the solar panels and other materials. Admit it, even with smaller DIY projects such as refinishing a hardwood floor, it takes a great deal of practice before you can get it to look perfect. The same is true for solar power only with the expense involved, solar power is not something you want to practice until you get it perfect. It is best to hire someone who already knows what they are doing so it will be handled correctly from start to finish.

Speaking of finishing, you cannot finish a solar power project and get your home connected to the grid without the signed documentation from a professional, licensed electrician. Your installer should have licensing and certification from solar power organizations such as the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, NABCEP, and should be able to present their certification to you before any work is started.

A pro will also know which permits need to be filed and every step that must be taken to get the home connected with ease. Also, for large solar power projects, it is important to maintain a valid warranty. In most cases, warranties will only be valid if things are installed by a professional.

If you are a homeowner who wants to start saving on your power bill while also contributing to a greener environment, be sure to fill out the no obligation quote form or give us a call at 800-622-1062 to be connected to a local solar contractor today.