Do You Need an Architect For your Home Build?

Many people just assume that if they want to build a new home they will need an architect to be involved in the process. While custom homes absolutely require an architect, there are plenty of new home builds that just go off stock plans and don’t require an architect at all. A good contractor can handle stock plans most of the time without issue, and you won’t have to pay an architect fee.


Do You Need an Architect For your Home Build?


Since architects add additional time and cost to a project, it’s very important to understand whether or not you need them on a home build project. Below is a breakdown of considerations for you to make, that should help you come to the right conclusion.

Is a Stock Plan Enough?

When having a new home built you’ll have two options to choose from. You can either go with a stock set of plans and have the home built to those specifications, or you can hire an architect to create you a custom design. Stock plans are more affordable than custom architect creations, but they were designed without you in mind. That means there may be details about the plans that you simply don’t like, and you’ll have to deal with those details or spend time with your contractor trying to figure out a way to make some important changes to the stock plans, which often requires new permits, engineering and further approval.

Do You Want Custom Features?

Stock plans are simple and easy when you’re trying to get a home set up and ready to go, but they often lack that custom feel that a fully designed home has to offer. That’s why many people prefer to work with an architect. They can take their ideas and fuse them with designs to create something new and exciting that fits their needs a bit better. They’ll enjoy the authentic feel of the finished home and will be able to live there more comfortably since it has specific features that fit the people’s lifestyle. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to hire an architect to do some work for you.

Modify Stock Plans

If you don’t want to spend the money to have an entire home custom designed for you, you still might want to hire an architect for your new home build. Instead of having the home designed from start to finish, you could get a stock set of plans and then have the architect make changes to those plans to suit your tastes. If you want some significant changes to the plans an architect is important, if you just want to do something basic like change the flooring type or resize the clients your contractor can probably handle it.

Top Energy Efficiency

If energy efficiency is important to you as a homeowner, one of the best ways to get the most energy efficient home possible is to hire an architect that specializes in that sort of thing. You’ll enjoy more efficient homes than many of the stock plans offer, and the architect can work with your contractor to make sure everything is put together properly for the top level of efficiency.

Building a home is complicated, there are usually a lot of professionals involved and it’s up to you to take the time to figure out whether or not you want an architect to be one of them. Generally, they are an excellent investment, but not always, so take the time to make sure.

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