Do Carpenters Have to Carry Insurance?

Do Carpenters Have to Carry Insurance?

Legal requirements for licensure on carpenters vary state by state. It is important to check with your specific area on what they say regarding this. It is important to find someone that is insured however, because you want to have this extra coverage when the time comes.

Why Insurance is Important

Insurance for any professional is important to protect not only any mistakes that may happen, but to protect those that they work for. When something goes wrong, the insurance can cover any damages done to the structure and any accidents that happens with them.

Not all carpenters carry insurance when they do work in other people’s homes or offices. These professionals will have to disclose that they do not have insurance and in some areas, it is not a requirement so it is something to keep in mind when the time comes. You want to find out if they do if you’re looking for someone that can provide this type of coverage.

If the professional does not have insurance, your homeowner’s insurance is able to cover the costs that come with any damages that might occur because of the work they’re doing. It is best to find out specifically how this would be covered if they do not have insurance. This way, there are no surprises in case something does happen.

If you’re looking for a professional, check for licenses and insurance and then check the local laws regarding the insurance that carpenters are supposed to have. This can give you even more information regarding the protection that carpenters should have when they’re doing jobs in many different places. It protects them and it protects you when they’re doing jobs.

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