Different Types of Water Well Drilling

With any type of drilling, there are many ways that this can be done to reach the water that is under the surface of the land. To determine which is right for the land that you’re inhabiting, you must ensure that you consider what each of them is going to provide.

Of course, having a professional look over the land and give you an idea of what the drilling they recommend would be is ideal. These professionals understand the drilling process and which type is best for which type of land.

Hand Drilling Methods

Auguring, jetting, driving, sludging and hand percussion drilling is all being done in the ground to ensure that the well is deeply drilled and easily able to place the pump inside the area that is drilled. The pump is what is going to bring the water up from below the surface and into the pipes.


Machine Drilling

Percussion, rotary and down the hole hammering are all machine drilling that can be done for a well hole. For this to be done, the proper tools need to be used to create a simple hole in the area where a pump can easily fit.


Deep Rock Rotary Drilling

With deep rock rotary drilling, it is one of the most common drilling methods you will find. This is because it can bust through just about any surface and provide the right drilling needed to get to the deeper layers. This type of drilling can be used in almost all types of formation, around 90% of them to be exact.

Whatever type of water well drilling you’re in need of, it is always important to hire a professional to do the drilling for you. Contractors Today can help you find the professional driller for your area when you give us a call to learn more!