Different Types Of Machinery You Can Get From Excavation Contractors And What They Do


For construction work to be successful it is important to have the right equipment on the job site. Depending on the type of construction, heavy machinery is used in various ways to help in achieving the scheduled milestones. Most times, machinery used on job sites are placed in the following categories namely construction equipment, construction vehicles, earth-moving machines and material handling. Although most of these equipment are used by professionals handling the project, those specifically used by excavation contractors are listed below.


These are large equipment that use wheels or tracks to move to different parts of a construction site. Evacuators have a long arm that has bucket at the end, which is connected to the pivoting cab that rotates all round. They are ideal for lifting heavy pieces of equipment and digging dirt. Other uses of the this piece of machinery includes demolition, river dredging, rough grading digging foundation and trenches among others. For the equipment to work, it has to be operated by a driver from the cab where they can easily see the entire site.

Dump trucks

Every construction site needs dump trucks to help in the transportation of debris and other unwanted material from the site. They are classified as construction equipment and are available in a variety of models. Depending on the work at hand, they can be purchased in different sizes to make loading on and off easier for the workers. In most construction sites, you will spot off-road dump trucks or those that can be driven on regular roads as they can handle majority of onsite jobs.


Graders are also common on construction sites and are used move dirt in small amounts and fine grade as well. These types of equipment have long blades which are adjusted to reach particular angles so as to flatten a surface. In some models, the grader has an extra blade on the front side which is sometimes used for mining. Most times, graders are used in road construction where they are used to prepare its base course prior to the installation asphalt. Also, graders are ideal for the production of sloped surfaces and drainage ditches.


Compactors are built to make work easier for excavation contractors when handling construction projects. This machinery is designed to assist in the delivery of maximum smoothness and density on soil or asphalt which make up majority of compaction projects. In regards to their operation, compactors are easy to drive and safe to use on most construction sites. They are available in large and smaller sizes making it possible for contractors to select the most ideal one for their projects.


This type of machinery is considered to be strong and reliable making it important for excavation contractors. It has a blade at the front which is wide and flat, making it ideal for pushing piles of soil for fine grading according to its size. Most times, bulldozers are placed in the category of heavy equipment because of their ability to crush boulders and shift dirt from one corner of the construction site to another. Also, they are operated from an elevated cubicle on the machinery allowing the driver to see various parts of the site.


Trenchers are used on construction sites to dig deep trenches that are used to lay down pipes. It operates using the conveyer system which carries material that has been excavated and places it beside the trenches that had been dug earlier. To make digging easier, the equipment has various implements that are used according to the depth of the trench to be dug or the toughness of the material it has to cut through. These important but dangerous machinery are available in different models making it easier for excavation contractors to choose their preferred one.


Clamshells are important pieces of equipment for excavation contractors responsible for clearing a site. The machinery has hydraulic hoes that support the clamshell buckets which are mounted on connecting metal poles. When the clamshell bucket lifts up with help from the closing line, the jaws of the bucket press down together. On most construction sites, the machinery assists in the removal of materials from excavations that stand upright such as pier foundations, sheet-line trenches and cofferdams.

Every job site is different and must be analyzed by qualified excavation contractors to determine the right type of machinery of machine to use so that its use is maximized for the benefit of the project owner.