Different Types Of Dirt That Warrant The Services Of Professional Carpet Cleaners


Dirt on your carpet is an eyesore that should be dealt with quickly. However, cleaning up the dirt may not be done immediately resulting in the formation of stains. These stains which can come with unpleasant odours can make life in the home uncomfortable, making it important to seek the services of skilled carpet cleaners. Some of the common types of dirt on your carpet that may require a homeowner to hire carpet cleaning services are listed below.

Beverage stains

Carpet stains caused by beverages can be difficult to remove especially if not treated immediately. Some of the common beverages that end up on the carpet are coffee, tea, soda and even wine. Most times, the liquid soaks into the carpet and dries up within its fibers leaving an unpleasant stain. In such cases, it is important to seek the services of professional carpet cleaners so that the stain can be removed without causing any damage. These cleaners have the appropriate stain removers and cleaning products to remove beverage stains both on the surface and underneath the carpet.


Cleaning urine from the carpet by blotting using a damp cloth is common among homeowners. However, this is usually a temporary measure that does not deal effectively with the stain or accompanying odor. To effectively get rid of the stains and the odor, it is advisable to hire carpet cleaning companies in your area. These companies are able to treat the stain regardless of the time it has been on the carpet and return it back to its original color. When it comes to the urine odor, they use cleaning products that eliminate distinct odours leaving your carpet smelling fresh and clean.


Blood on the carpet can be dreadful with many people wondering if they will be able to get rid of the stain. Fortunately, blood stains can be removed if they are treated as soon as possible. To ensure that stains are completely removed, you need to call in carpet cleaners that offer professional services in the area quickly. If the blood has not dried they will quickly clean it up and ensure it does leak into carpet fibers. However, if the stain is dry they will need to use a combination of deep cleaning processes to remove it from the carpet without discoloring or damaging it.


Most times, dried mud can be quickly scraped off the carpet and the area cleaned with soapy water and a scrub. However, if the mud was in fluid state when it came into contact with the carpet and has left a stain, you need to seek help from experienced cleaning services. Carpet cleaners often inspect the extent to which the mud seeped into the floor covering before starting the process of cleaning. Mud stains are the easiest to remove when using the right cleaning methods and products with most companies completing the job quickly.


As soon as ink comes into contact with a carpet, it tends to spread quickly resulting in a large stain. The improper handling of the stain can make the situation worse making it difficult to remove. In such situations, there is need to seek the help of skilled carpet cleaners to remove the stain and restore the rug to its original look. If the ink spill is addressed immediately it occurs, its removal is possible within a short time especially when handled by professionals. On the other hand, dried ink stains need more work done using specialized cleaning products to get rid of them safely.

Pet stains

Pet owners often have to deal with carpet stains that happen accidentally or from the normal activities of their animals. The stains can include urine, vomit or liquids that they may bring from outside. Most times, the stains have strong odours that need to be dealt with alongside the visible dirt. Also, pet stains are not usually easy to spot if they have been on the carpet for a long time. To make sure that these stains are completely removed, whether recent or old, you need to call in professional cleaners. The cleaners have equipment that makes to identify areas that are soiled and special cleaning products that eliminate stains and strong odours from pet stains respectively.

If your carpet is soiled by any of the types of dirt listed above, making your home inhabitable, you need to find a reliable cleaning company. They will ensure that after their work is done your carpet will smell good and be dirt free.