Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems

There are a few different types of air conditioning systems out there and depending on the size of your home, the size of the unit and how often it will be used, pricing will vary as well as energy efficiency and your overall energy bill each month. It is important to consider different types of units when deciding on the best one for your home. Speaking with a professional AC contractor can give you more information regarding the system that is ideal for your home as well as the one that will be safest for the environment around you.

Central Air Conditioners

These units work to cool the entire house completely. A large compressor is located on the outside of the house. This is what makes the process happen. There is a coil on the inside of the home filled with refrigerant cool air that then blows the cool air through ducts that are located around the home and through vents.



Window AC Units

The compressor part of these window units is placed towards the outside. They’re sized to cool just the room that they’re placed in. Using more than one of them may be required for larger homes that need more cool air to cool the entire area down. They work in the same way that the central air systems work, but are much more affordable to purchase than a whole unit.

Evaporated Coolers

These are less common than the two options above. They are used mostly in dryer areas throughout the US. They pull the air from the outside of the home through moist pads then it is cooled through evaporation. This cool air is then circulated around the house using ducts. It can lower the temperatures inside the room up to 30 degrees.

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners

These are used mostly in homes that do not have ductwork to run some of the other options through. They have their compressor outside of the home and the air handling unit on the inside. Each room that needs to be cooled down will have its own inside unit connected to the compressor on the outside of the home. These units are generally mounted on the inside of the home. They’re a very cost effective system to use not only for the energy bill, but also in startup costs.

State of the Art Cooling

There are numerous cooling systems that use many different energy efficient and environmentally ways to cool down the home. Some of them include Night Breeze, Colorado Cooler and Thermal Energy Storage. These may cost a bit more, but can be worth it to save some cash when paying for cooling costs when the temperature soar in the area.

If you’re thinking of adding any of these systems to the home, speak with a qualified AC contractor. They can give you further information about each of them. They can also come in and provide a free home evaluation to let you know what you may be looking at pricewise to have it installed.