Different Construction Processes That Require The Services Of Excavation Contractors


Most construction projects cannot go ahead without the services of excavation contractors. The work done by these professionals can make the difference on whether a project will be a success or failure. It is for this for this reason that project owners do their best to find highly qualified contractors to do excavation on their sites. Since these contractors are needed for different construction processes, it is important to understand which projects require their services.

  • Paving

Pavements are commonly found on residential driveways and road sidewalks with many being constructed using concrete or asphalt. The surfaces are used regularly making it important that they have a solid base if they are to last for many years. To prepare the base the site is excavated by contractors so that it can be ready for installation of the paving material. Proper excavation ensures that the depth is appropriate and wide enough for the installation to be done in a professional manner.

  • Building construction

For buildings to remain stable after completion, they need to have a stable foundation. The depth of the foundation usually depends on the height of the building to be put up. To get the right depth during construction, excavation contractors are called in to prepare the site and dig trenches in which the foundation is to be set. Trained contractors are able to dig into the ground to the precise depth, making it easier for those building the site to work on the foundation.

  • Road construction

Building of roads and highways often involves the clearing of a large area in readiness for construction work to begin. The designated construction area can at times have trees, boulders, gravel and structures that need to be removed. In such cases, contractors that provide excavation services are needed to remove unwanted objects and dig into the ground in readiness for installation of the road. Most times, the contractors have heavy machinery that can break through different types of soil and prepare the area for road construction.

  • Utility projects

Majority of utility lines in local and regional areas are placed underground to keep them safe from damage. Some of these utility lines include those used for water, electricity, sewer and telephone lines among others. To ensure that these lines are not anywhere near the surface, the area in which they are placed needs to be excavated. Most times, excavation contractors are used to dig deep while removing any debris or structures that may hinder their proper placement. In areas where utility lines are already present, the contractors need to carefully break into the ground without causing damage to them.

  • Industrial construction

Industrial corporations that are involved in activities such as manufacturing, petroleum and power generation often put up structures to help facilitate their work. The projects which are often massive require professionals to handle construction work on a designated site. Excavation contractors are usually considered a priority for such projects and are often hired way before other professionals. Most times, the contractors are responsible for breaking ground for an entirely new facility or preparation of a site to be used for expansion of an existing building.

  • Heavy construction projects

Some projects cannot be categorized under the common categories of building and highway but they need excavation services for construction to be done. These heavy projects include construction of sewer plants, water treatment plants, dams and developments that are used for flood control among others. Most times, the projects need specialized contractors that can excavate the site area to precision so that the development to be put up meets the required standards. Majority of these projects are public projects that can be short or long term and are usually done by contractors hired by government entities.

  • Archaeology

Although archaeology is not actually a construction process, it involves the clearing of historical sites and preparing them for digging. Contractors that are experienced in excavation are often called in to assist in clearing such sites to ensure that no artifact is damaged. Their skill and technique makes it possible to dig through a site, level by level until all important objects are removed. In some cases, the cleared site can be used for construction after proper excavation has been done.

Generally, excavation contractors are a “must have” if you plan to do any of the construction processes mentioned above. Hiring the best contractors in your area will guarantee you quality work at the end of the project.