Carpet doesn’t have to be cut with precision before it’s installed, and generally trying to do so is asking for trouble Our installation team rough cuts carpet to get it ready for installation, and the makes precision fit cuts to the carpet after the initial installation. That way the finished carpet fits the room exactly and the whole process can be completed faster.

How Does it Work?

Cut to fit carpet is installed on a large roll and then cut as it’s put into place. Instead of trying to pre-size the carpet, it’s simply sliced right on the floor using a standard knife. The carpet is cut with an added inch or two around the edges to ensure that they’re long enough without taking too much time trying for precision.

Fast Installation

Instead of trying to precut the carpet, our team of installers make the cuts on the carpet after it’s already stretched in place. This ensures that it fits perfectly every time, and it saves a great deal of time as well. Our team can install carpet throughout a standard sized house in a single day. If you have carpeting that needs to go down, working with us is a good way to get through the task fast and easy.

Works with Most Carpet Types

Most types of carpet work with this rough cut and then precision cut technique that our team uses. We can very effectively lay down carpet around the edges of a room without having any extra in the end. That means you are free to pick the style of carpet that you like the best for your home.

Residential Installation

The cut to fit method works best for residential installations where the carpet will go over tack strips. When using a glue-down installation method, the carpet must be sized and cut before the final installation. This is vital to ensure that an improperly sized carpet is not installed around the room.

If you have carpet that needs to be installed, give us a call and we’ll go through a quick and efficient installation process.