Custom Metal Roofing

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Custom metal roofing has taken the country by storm. These days, it appears in both commercial and residential structures. It couples an attractive, modern look with exceptional performance and the ability to last for decades — even in the harshest weather.


No matter your home’s age, size, or style, custom metal roofing is a great selection.


Still, the choice to update the roof shouldn’t be made lightly. After all, the roof is one of the first things any visitor will notice. Plus, the quality of the roof has a major effect on what it’s like inside your home or business, too.

4 Huge Advantages of Custom Metal Roofing

It Lasts Longer

Composite shingles are strong, but nothing out there is better than custom metal roofing. When it is planned, fabricated, and installed by a true expert, it can last five whole decades. It usually needs less maintenance than other options, too.


It Fights Fire and Wind

When a storm hits, wind is the culprit behind much of the damage a structure sustains. A metal roof is a great defense against wind. Additionally, rain and hail bounce right off. Naturally, metal roofs don’t catch on fire, which helps protect against major accidents.


It Keeps Your Home Cool

A metal roof lets you save money on cooling by deflecting large quantities of solar radiation right back into space. Since much less heat reaches and penetrates the building, it’s a whole lot easier to maintain the temperatures you want.


It Improves Structural Strength

By bringing together low weight and high strength, custom metal roofing will assist any building to age gracefully. Less pressure on the foundation improves building safety over time and can fend off major repair issues.

Find Your Local Custom Metal Roofer of Choice

Metal roofing is ideal for a wide range of situations. Still, it has to be installed by experts to truly unlock its potential. Custom metal roofers can fabricate all custom metal roofing materials on-site before installation starts.


That means a more durable – and more beautiful – new roof.

We recommend looking for standing seam 24-gauge galvalume-coated steel panels. These are thicker and more seamless than 26-gauge steel panels that you can get right off the shelf from the hardware store.


The standing-seam process enhances the strength of the panels while giving each one an ideal fit. They simply look better, too: With custom metal roofing, there’s no need for ugly bolts, screws, or fasteners. Standing seam roofs give you a truly sleek look everyone will notice!