A conservatory is made of metal and glass and they are usually placed in a position where a garden may be located outside of a home. For many years, conservatories were used by homeowners to keep their plants, especially during times of the year when the temperature dropped to freezing. Today, they are great additions to any home to add a little extra space for relaxation or leisure time. They can also be used for extra bedrooms, home offices and other necessary rooms.

The Size You May Need

If you live in a neighborhood where homes may need to look the same, it may not be appropriate to build an observatory, although some have been able to do so by building them onto the back side of the home. You also need to abide by the permit that the city will give to allow permission to build.


You will need to choose the materials wisely and they need to be right to work with the weather your area experiences as well as how fragile they may be. For instance, you probably would not want to use thin glass if your home is surrounded by trees or if you have high winds frequent storms. The room also needs to be well insulated whether you live in a hot or cold climate to keep the temperature adjusted and comfortable year-round. Your contractor will be able to show you the materials that will work best for the design, your budget and the climate in your local area.

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