Common Water Proofing Issues

When there is a water proofing issue anywhere inside or outside of the structure, there is going to be a decent amount of water damage that is done. This means needing someone that specializes in the water that is often found seeping in the home, walls, floors or pooling in these areas when the water proofing is really failing. The more serious the water damage, the more help you’re going to need by a professional who can come out and fix it.

Basement Improperly Sealed

When the water from the sea comes up and washes into the ground below, this can cause the basement of the home to fill with water if it is improperly sealed. When this happens, it is important to consider hiring a professional that can come out and seal the basement so that further water damage and other structural problems do not occur due to having poorly sealed walls and windows in the attic.

Failure to Provide Durable Seawall

The seawall is there to prevent the sea from coming up into the land and onto the properly. When there is not one there, this is not going to cause the water to stay in the ocean. If you have one and it is not properly built, or water proofed, then this is going to cause a problem when trying to keep the water where it belongs and not into the home or the land in front of the home.

By having a marine contractor come out to look at the problems you’re having, you can ensure that these smaller problems do not become larger problems in the end. Fill out the form below to find out even more information regarding the marine contractors that are working in your area or give us a call to learn even more about them! Contractors Today is here to help when you need to find marine contractors in your area.