Common Mistakes with DIY Tile Installation

Mistakes happen no matter what it is that you’re trying to install. Therefore, so many choose to hire professionals that generally make less mistakes and know what they’re doing. With the mistakes that so many others have made in the past, you can have an idea of what might happen should you not hire a professional for the tile installation in your home.

Common Tile Mishaps

  1. Not having enough tiles! – You should always make sure to over estimate how many tiles you have. Even if you think you have just enough, anything can happen, so you must have more than what is needed.
  2. Choosing the wrong adhesive – Sticking those tiles to the floor is important. Make sure you have the right adhesive that is needed to keep them in the right spot.
  3. Not preparing the area first – Always, always have the area prepped and prepared for the project because this will help the tiling last much longer.
  4. Not grouting carefully – When the grout is not done right, the entire project looks bad and this is not something that you’re going to want. Usually when a professional is hired for the job though, it is not something you have to worry about.
  5. Not the right space – If you’re spacing wrong or unevenly then this is going to cause a lot of issues. You need to make sure that the spacing you’re doing is the right spacing. This is going to keep the tiles uniform to the project.

Skip the mistakes that happen when working with tiles and always hire a professional. They make less mistakes and ensure that the space looks the best once they’re done.


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