Common Chimney Problems

Chimneys are there for a reason, they have a purpose and when they’re not working as they should, a lot can go wrong. Therefore, it is important to consider these common chimney problems and what you can do to have them fixed.

Don’t let the problems last for too long, since you want to make sure a small problem is fixed sooner, rather than later before the small problems turn into larger ones.


This is the buildup that you would find inside a chimney that has been used for some time. When the fireplace is used, more than smoke goes into the chimney. Ash and other debris are usually left behind and not pushed through the top. This leaves a lot of residue on the inside that can cause problems.

Flue Cracks

When the flue has cracks in it, it is not going to work efficiently, and it is also not going to be too safe. A lot of times when this happens, you may not notice it right away, so it is important that you have these issues fixed sooner, rather than later to prevent a complete breakdown of the chimney itself.


Blockages occur the most often within chimneys. Therefore, it is important to consider all that needs to be done to remove them. A bird’s nest, bee hive or other blockage can cause not only smoke to go into the home, but it can be a fire hazard.

Always make sure to have your chimney repaired and cleaned throughout the year. You want to reduce the chances of having anything serious happen within your home when the chimney is not working to the best of its ability.

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