While many companies decide to tackle repairs and improvements to the business on their own, there is some work that should only be performed by a professional. One of those things is electrical repairs and installations. Electrical work is highly delicate and it can be dangerous if performed improperly. Not only could the installer be at danger, but improper wiring is a fire hazard as well. If your business need an addition, new lighting or many other improvements you probably need a commercial electrician contractor to handle the work for you.

Top Quality Work

Our company specializes in commercial electrical contracting, and we offer top-level repairs and installations. Whether you need additional receptacles, an upgraded service panel or electrical lines added to another part of your building, we can complete the job to a highly professional standard that’s safe and reliable.

HVAC Controls

New heating and cooling upgrades come with controls that need to be wired up as well. One of the main tasks that we regularly complete is installing these controls into office buildings and commercial spaces. We’ll help you get the most out of those systems and manage the heat in your building effectively.

Lighting Systems

Commercial lighting is crucial, but it’s also complex. We understand how to put in commercial lighting, how to repair it and how to make upgrades to existing systems. Let us bring your business into the modern age with more sophisticate and efficient lighting setups. We’ll help transform your building.

Additions or Equipment Power

If you’re adding an addition to your office building, or you’re moving in some large equipment that needs a high-power source, we can wire up the service just for you. We’ll tap into existing electrical systems when possible to give you the plugs that you need, and we’ll upgrade your electrical service when necessary to keep your company up to code and give you the ports you need.

Call us today and we’ll help with your power needs.