Businesses rely on wooden construction heavily and it’s common for a business to need to make some changes here or there. If you’re running a business and you need to move around some walls, add in a bench, repair the frame for your floor, or just about anything else, you need good commercial carpenters to help you out. That’s exactly what we are, and we work for a variety of business owners in need of modifications or someone to complete a brand-new build.


We don’t specialize in fine carpentry such as cabinet making, but our team can create custom benches for your company, creating additional seating space for customers. We can help you make basic furniture for your business, or build furniture right into the building or deck itself at your company if that’s what you need.

Building Remodel

The needs of a business change over time. While you may have been fine with only two office in the past, at some point you might want to split up that oversized office into two smaller offices to give your work force the space that they need. No matter what changes you need around your business, we can help you make the right decisions about what to do, and walk you through the process from start to finish.

Office Repairs

Office buildings or other commercial structures take heavy use throughout the year. They will break and require repair from time to rime. To help keep your own commercial building running properly, we can help address any repair issues that need taking care of at your company. We’ll look at the problem, and figure out how to resolve it for you.

New Construction

New office buildings, or an addition to an old one takes skill to put in properly. Our carpenters understand how to frame in a building and create a stable structure that will hold up well over time. We’ll build from your set of plans and create the exact structure that you are looking for.

No matter what you need, call us today and we’ll help you finish your project.