Cleaning Crayon and Grease from Painted Walls

There are many hard to remove items that usually find their way onto the walls, carpets and floors of a home. Many homeowners want to make sure that they remove these items as quickly as possible to prevent any damage or staining from happening.

With some quick tips, you can find ways to clean crayons, grease and other stuck on items from the walls to ensure that you still have beautiful walls overall.


Soak the area of the wall that is covered in crayon with mayonnaise and let it sit for several minutes. Once this is done, you’re then able to wipe off the area using a soft, damp cloth.


Mix 1/3 dish soap, 1/3 warm water and 1/3 vinegar together. Create a scrub that you can use a soft cloth to go over the area that is affected. You may have to put a little elbow grease into this, but you will be able to remove the grease overall.

Baking soda and warm water mixed together can also create a nice thicker paste that helps scrub away the grease that may be on the walls. This can also be used to combat the crayon stains, or other stains that might happen to find themselves on the wall.

Both methods will not remove the paint that is on the walls, so you can be sure to have cleaner, nicer looking walls without worrying about ruining the paint job.

If all else fails, a new paint job is easily able to cover up the problems that are found on the walls. This can provide you with a way to easily clean up and clear off any problem areas throughout the home.

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