Choosing an Architect for a Green Build

Building green is becoming more and more popular today because more individuals and businesses are looking for a way to minimize their environmental impact. One way to really ensure that you are reducing your impact as much as possible is to hire a green architect when you have your building designed. The architect can take steps to help you make the most sustainable choices and really help you meet your efficiency and sustainability goals.

Efficient Design Practices

One of the biggest benefits of hiring an architect for a green building project is that you know you’ll get more efficient design practice sand ideas for your project.



When you take the time to find an architect that specializes in green building, you get someone that has a passion for making things as efficient as possible, and the result will be a much more efficient home or building.

Sustainable Materials

Some materials are much more sustainable than others and better for the environment. For instance, certain woods are easier to source and grow back more quickly than others. Bamboo is a high sustainable product that can be regrown nearly as fast as it’s used when taken from the right parts of the world. Green building architects know about sustainable materials and they can recommend a building path that is going to be as green and sustainable as possible.

Finding the Right Architect

Not every architect out there is concerned with green building practices. Some are more interested in the look of a space or the affordability of a space. When you want a building to be as efficient as it possibly can, you must take your time and find an architect that is on the same page as you. Generally, it makes the most sense to hire an architect that specializes in green building if that’s an interest of yours. Not only will you get efficiency, but you’ll enjoy more sustainable materials in the plans and a project that has less environmental impact overall.

Careful Source Selection

While this isn’t always a concern that architects have, many give real thought to the building location for a green project if one hasn’t been set yet. Simply placing the building in a different way according to the surrounding landscape can make a very real difference on whether a building is efficient and green or not. For instance, when building a home in a hot tropical location. It might make sense to position the south facing side of the house nearby to some very tall trees for shade. This would cut down on cooling requirements and make the home significantly more efficient during the day. It’s a simple decision, but something that makes a huge difference.

Green architects are very important to work with if you are truly concerned about the environment and the impact that your project is going to have on it. The right architects will minimize your impact and help you create a more efficient final building in the end. Consider looking to the Association for Environmentally Conscious Building for more information about finding green architects.

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