Carpet in the Bathroom?

Carpet in the Bathroom

Carpet can add flair to a room and can even help improve the overall appearance of furniture and appliances. Many people wonder if carpet in the bathroom is a good or bad idea. There are many factors that go into whether it is or not. It is something that not many people do, for their own reasons, while others might think it is ideal to do to have a soft, comfortable and sometimes warm place to put their feet after getting out of a hot shower or bath.

Here are some reasons why carpet in the bathroom might be a bad idea…

  • Carpet can hold the moisture in it, which can leave the bathroom feeling soggy and wet
  • The carpet can also hold the mold and mildew that might grow from holding the moisture, this can also seep to the floorboards under it
  • The carpet might leave a wet type of smell in the room that will be hard to get rid of

Make sure to keep these reasons why carpet in the bathroom is a good idea in mind, as well…

  • Have a comfortable place to put your feet after getting out of the shower
  • It holds heat well for those times when the bathroom is cold, but the floor is not
  • It comes in many colors, so you can choose which looks the best in the bathroom

Choosing whether or not to put carpet in your bathroom is something that is up for debate depending on what you want out of the room itself and what you like. However, keeping these pros and cons in mind and getting the advice from a professional flooring contractor can help you choose the best way to go, no matter what flooring you choose to go with.

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