Bridge construction projects require some serious footings and abutments to offer the level of support and strength. That means a lot of digging in any construction project. When putting up a new bridge, it’s important to rely on bridge excavation contractors, they understand how to dig and clear for bridges effectively and have the tools to do the job quickly. Our company focuses on bridge excavation projects and can offer you the expertise to complete the clearing for all bridge projects.

Clearing for Footings and Abutments

We specialize in creating trenches and holes for installing footings and abutments. This is a lot of clearing work that must be done precisely. Working with bridge excavation experts helps speed up the process, while ensuring that space is made for all the footings and abutments effectively. Most bridges are made of many abutments and footings, so a better excavation team will make a huge difference in the installation time. You’ll end up with a more reliable bridge, and it will take less time to go up.

Wet and Dry Digging

Bridge digging is a combination of wet and dry excavation. The first half is dry and then it changes to wet digging about halfway through in most instances. Our team is versatile enough to handle both types of digging conditions, offering smooth clearing throughout the process.

Work with the Bridge Team

We also have experience working with bridge construction teams, and can help set the foundation for the bridge in place. We understand how to work with these builders, and will work to make their jobs easier.

Precision Excavation

Bridge excavation is tricky business and all the digging must occur with precision. We’ll clear away material near hillsides and embankments where bridges are often put in place. Our workers know how to handle excavation projects in precarious situations, and can handle most extraction jobs.

No matter your bridge excavation project, give us a call, we can help.