Benefits to the Environment from Using Wood to Build

The environment is a place that we all must take care of since this is where we live. With that being said, there are many environmental benefits that come from using wood to build with many projects. Not only that, but since wood is a natural product that is found in the wilderness, you can be sure it is also a safe product to build with, as well.

Green Building with Wood

Some many say that wood is not a green building project since it is cut down and repurposed. However, wood circulates much of its energy though savings that come from the lifetime of benefits after the product has been built.

Wooden frames are easy to insulate thoroughly when compared to other framing materials out there. This is because wood itself is an insulator. This helps the insulation that is being added. It is 16 times more efficient than concrete, over 400 times more than steel and over 2,000 more as aluminum!

Manufacturing wood is not only more efficient but also more effective. It uses less energy to process the wood and is made from mostly raw materials. Aluminum requires over 4 times more energy, brick and concrete are over 20 times more energy.

Using wood for the building projects that are out there have a better clean up rate and result in lower greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, as well as air and water pollution and solid waste by-products that would normally come from a large cleanup after a build.

It continues to provide these benefits and circulate them from era to era because it is durable, reliable and strong. Those structures made from wood can last for thousands of years or more because of how strong the wood is that is holding them up.

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