Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaning Contractor

Carpets are ornamental. They give an office or home a look of elegance and sophistication.  They also provide warmth and comfort. Who does not like the feel of soft fluff under their feet? Carpets are also good at absorbing sounds, which is the reason you find carpets in theaters and hotels. But you do not get to reap the benefits of a nice carpet for long without proper cleaning and maintenance.


Shampooing is no longer an option, and vacuuming helps but does not thoroughly clean a carpet. The best cleaning a carpet will get is provided by a carpet cleaning contractor. Find a professional carpet cleaner near you, and you will enjoy the following advantages.

Save time

Carpet cleaning services save time, especially in a commercial setting. Let’s say you DIY office carpet cleaning. First, you will need to find places to hire or buy carpet cleaning equipment. Then, you will need to move the furniture before and after cleaning. The cleaning process itself will take time because you and your staff are inexperienced. Then you have to wait for the carpet to dry.

Carpet cleaning contractors know what they are doing. Therefore, the job will get done fast, thereby saving a lot of time. They have equipment that ensures the carpet dries fast. So, the carpet will be clean and dry within no time.

Effective cleaning

Carpet cleaning companies have better equipment and detergents. They use eco-friendly carpet cleaning detergents that are as effective as the traditional detergents. Most of these companies use a truck mounted steam cleaner.

The cleaner sprays high-velocity hot water jets through the fibers of the carpet. They mix the hot water with detergents. This machine provides a deep cleanse and faster carpet drying. It also directs all the dirt and water outside your premises. Also, the steam cleaner is powered by an external power unit as opposed to the premises owners’ electricity.

Knowledge and expertise

Professional carpet cleaners know all about carpets. When you consult them, they assess the condition of the carpet, identify the material, and determine the scope of work. Different carpet materials require different detergents and cleaning methods. Using the wrong cleaning equipment and cleaning agents degrades the feel and texture of the carpet.


Experience is important in carpet cleaning.  It is not enough to have the right carpet cleaning tools and detergents. You have to know how to use them properly. Carpet cleaning contractors have the experience since they provide services to different residential and commercial clients.

Improve air quality

We all enjoy breathing fresh uncontaminated air. Dust and pet dander are some of the air pollutants that settle on carpets. Vacuuming only removes dust on the top surface of the carpet. It does not reach dust deeply embedded in the carpet fibers, which is swept about by air causing respiratory issues such as sneezing. A deep steam clean by a carpet cleaning contractor completely eliminates all the dust embedded in the carpet fibers.

Remove mold and mildew

Spillages moisten the carpet. If a spill does not dry out fast, mold, mildew and other fungi grow. These fungi stain the carpet and produce a foul smell. They are hard to remove using stain removers. Also, the wet residue stain removers leave promotes the spread of the mold. DIY carpet cleaning also promotes the growth of mold. You do not have the equipment to dry carpets quickly. When they dry slowly, the moisture promotes mold growth.

Get rid of odor

Mold is not the only cause of stinky carpets. Accumulation of dirt and stains resulting from spills make the carpet stink too. No amount of vacuuming and other home remedies will get rid of the smell. The only solution is a steam cleanse by a good carpet cleaning contractor.

Saves money

Carpet cleaning increases the lifespan of a carpet. Therefore, you save money as you do not have to replace the carpet frequently. A carpet can last more than a decade, but only if it well-maintained. Also, carpet manufacturers require carpets to be annually steam cleaned for the warranty to remain valid. If you void the warranty, you may have to replace the carpet yourself.

Carpet cleaning contractor near you

Now you know that hiring a professional carpet cleaner has many advantages. The next step is finding the right carpet cleaner near you. And that is where we come in. We help Americans locate top carpet cleaners in their neighborhoods. The carpet cleaners you will find here know what they are doing and have the latest upholstery equipment. With Contractors Today, you need not look anywhere else.