Bathroom Upgrades to Prevent Slipping

Slipping is common within bathrooms, especially with elderly people. Slipping can be prevented with a few changes that can be made within the room. When they’re made, the person is then able to safely move across the floor without fear of slipping or falling.

Here are some of the upgrades and changes you can make to reduce the chances of slipping within the bathroom.

Adding Bars

Adding bars to the sides of the walls in the bathtub or shower, as well as by the toilet and sink can all prove to be helpful when the person may lose their balance. They can use them to lift themselves up or sit down.

Non-Slip Addition in the Bath

By adding a non-slip pad, stickers or other items to the bottom of the bathtub, you’re preventing slips from happening within this area.

Using Rugs

Using rugs in many of the places that the person would walk, such as in front of the sink, the toilet or even the bathtub can help the person reduce falls and stay on their feet. Just make sure that the rugs are attached to the floor and low enough so that they don’t cause tripping.

Add a Seat

Adding a seat inside the shower or bath can reduce the chances of falls happening. You can place one that is removable, or one that moves up and down. This allows the person easy access to the seat when they want to shower.

Many bathroom upgrades can be done to reduce the chances of slipping. It is best if these upgrades were left to the professionals out there to ensure that the remodel is done correctly.

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