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Tips for Hiring a Painting Contractor

While it may be tempting to DIY, painting your home is more difficult and time consuming than you imagine. What could potentially take you weeks to accomplish can be done in days by a professional. Here are a few tips for hiring a painting contractor. Get Quotes Before hiring a painting contractor or local roofing […]

Tips for Removing Wall Paper

When it comes to home improvements, there are so many things a person can do to update the look of their home. Whether you are planning to pressure wash a deck or even pave your patio or refinish your hardwood flooring, an update can not only make your home look better, but it can also […]

The Value of Hardwood Floors

When it comes to flooring, there is no shortage of options. That being the case, why are hardwood floors so popular? Value Hardwood flooring is timeless, durable, stylish, and can add to the resale value of your home. It comes in a wide variety of styles, colors and timber types to complement any home or […]

Best Time of Year for Roof Repair

If your roof needs repair or replacement, you may be wondering what the best time of year is to have it done. The best thing to do is plan ahead. Busiest Time of Year Late summer and early fall is the busiest time of year for roofing contractors, so while weather conditions are ideal, prices […]

Tips for Keeping Carpet Clean with a Toddler

Toddlers and carpet don’t typically make a great pairing. In fact, the two together can be the things nightmares are made of, both because of the havoc a toddler can wreak on carpet and vice versa. Because your toddler spends so much time on the floor, you’ll want to make sure you’re protecting them both. […]