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Top 10 Tips to Save Energy on Heating and Cooling

Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about ways to save on heating and cooling bills. The worst of winter may be behind us, but cold temperatures still plague much of the nation—especially at night when thermometers plummet down to near-freezing…or worse. And during the day things tend to heat up to the point […]

Custom Metal Roofing

Some information in this article has been sourced by https://www.austinlonghornroofing.com and https://contentrally.com/close-look-at-top-5-roofing-materials-pros-and-cons/. Custom metal roofing has taken the country by storm. These days, it appears in both commercial and residential structures. It couples an attractive, modern look with exceptional performance and the ability to last for decades — even in the harshest weather.   No matter your […]

5 ways to find great construction jobs

A cornerstone of modern society, construction jobs and professions provide individuals with worthwhile experiences as well as being lucrative professions in most states. Construction is currently one of the biggest and fastest-growing industries in United States according to Sageworks financial research. In the Forbes listing of top 10 fastest-growing industries, not only are many of […]

Staying Safe in Hazardous Construction Zones

Venturing into a construction zone in flip flops and no hard hat is not a good choice, everyone knows that. However, there are some tips and nuances concerning the construction industry that many new professionals, unskilled laborers, and bystanders may be unfamiliar with when it comes to staying safe in hazardous construction zones.   Watch […]

Inclement Weather and Construction

Although summer will soon be gone, construction projects will continue through the fall and into winter and well into the spring this coming year. Depending on your location, these months have the potential to see inclement weather including hurricanes, snow, rain and high winds. While many things can alter a construction project, inclement weather is […]

What to Look for When Closing on a Home

You’ve made it all the way to the end of your dream of being a homeowner. All that’s left to do now is schedule a few inspections, get a good appraisal and sign some paperwork. Right? Let’s not jump ahead so fast in this process. Buying a home is a major investment and as a […]

Installing New Windows and Doors

Do you live in an older home and feel chilly air drifting through the windows and doors? If so, it’s probably a good time to consider having new windows and doors installed to keep the cold air out, the power bills down and the chance that you or those you love won’t have quite so […]