Save Valuable Time When it Comes to Your Renovations

The Contractor’s Today Story

You love your home, but even the best homes need renovations eventually. Finding local contractors that are reliable, do quality work, and provide fair pricing isn’t easy.

For every great contractor that exists, there are countless others who do subpar work.

Contractors Today was founded over two decades ago to solve this problem.

We help you connect with reliable local contractors that have passed our vetting process. Our founders realized that most people have better things to do than call countless contractors.

That’s why they founded Contractors Today. It’s our mission to quickly refer your business to a contractor that suits your needs, saving you both time and money.

Why Contractors Today is the Best Contractor Referral Service in the Industry

Save Your Budget

We search through all the available contractors and find you the one that will work within the budget you provide us.

We’re Reliable

When your home needs a contractor for renovations, whether it be construction or repairs, you don’t have time to wait. Our service guarantees to find you the contractor you need quickly, without sacrificing quality.

Don’t Waste Time

As a homeowner, looking for your own contractor is difficult. At Contractors Today, we understand your needs. Our service will save you hours of time searching for the right company to help you with your renovations.

Meet Our Founder Ross

As a former employee in a construction company himself, Ross knows how challenging it can be to find the right contractor. After witnessing first hand many contractors cutting corners, he decided to take matters into his own hands and started his contracting referral service.

His goal was simple. He wanted to help homeowners find reputable contractors that deliver high-quality work.

That business has grown into Contractors Today, and we are now a leader in the industry. Having worked in construction, renovations, demolition, and other areas, Ross understands your expectations.

Meet Our Talented Team Members


Retired Contractor

Jen is the glue that keeps our business together. She worked as a contractor for two decades before retiring early after an injury. Now, she vets potential contractors and ensures that they provide reliable services to our clients.


Client Service Manager

Nobody is perfect, and it’s inevitable that some of our clients will have questions from time to time. Carl is our customer service manager and he knows exactly how to meet your expectations. With his personable attitude and his broad knowledge of our services, he’s sure to resolve your issues in a way that will leave you satisfied.


Marketing Manager

Matthew has years of experience bringing businesses into the spotlight. With his help, our company has been able to serve hundreds of clients over the years. Thanks to him, we’ve gained the experience we need to provide you with the best contractor referral service in the industry.

Finding a Contractor Has Never Been as Easy as with Contractors Today

Our business model puts you, the client, at the top of our priority list. We ensure that you are connected with the contractor that best suits your budget and quality.

Why spend hours looking for a contractor in your local area?

Let us find you the right contractor for the job