5 ways to find great construction jobs

A cornerstone of modern society, construction jobs and professions provide individuals with worthwhile experiences as well as being lucrative professions in most states. Construction is currently one of the biggest and fastest-growing industries in United States according to Sageworks financial research. In the Forbes listing of top 10 fastest-growing industries, not only are many of the top positions held by construction-related professions, many fall into several different categories; from residential and electrical, to commercial and engineering. The industry is vast and includes many multidisciplinary skilled-laborers. There are many opportunities for skilled and unskilled laborers to work in this diverse field, but how do you find the one right for you?


    1. Job Searches

Thanks to modern technology, locating businesses looking for workers is not as difficult as it once was. Recent updates to digital platforms like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn have made it easier for workers of any level of experience to connect with construction companies looking for workers; skilled and unskilled. Google recently released Google Hire to allow businesses to “inject” job listings into search results, while Facebook now allows businesses to promote open positions.


    1. On-Site / Word of Mouth

Although it may be intimidating, individuals that live close to or travel past construction areas or construction company offices can often find success by contacting the foreman of the site or speaking with a coordinator/secretary at the office. Visiting a job site is not advisable when work is underway or the construction area is restricted to authorized personnel. However, when construction work is paused or when workers are arriving or preparing to leave, inquiring about job opportunities are often welcome.


    1. Skilled Professional Networks

For construction professionals with prior experience or education in a construction field, there are often a number of resources available either due to having obtained on-the-job (OJT) training or by obtaining/maintaining their education. Skilled construction professions and jobs often require certifications, verified know-how from accredited organizations or professional membership/association such as Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) which offers a number of benefits, including job listings.


    1. Education

In line with professional networks, pursuing and become a graduate of a degree or certification program often opens doors to skilled labor opportunities that unskilled laborers are unfit to fill. By pursuing the education necessary to perform the tasks of a skilled laborer, you’ll be prepared for the work many fast-growing construction industries need while expanding your network along the way. In many of the educational programs in the construction industry, education centers and businesses focused on construction have agreements that support graduates finding jobs soon after obtaining their degree or certification. These job placement agreements are a win-win for everyone as the educating organization can promote the value of quick placement, the construction organization fills roles with skilled construction workers, and you get a job! The University of Florida is a good example of the value of these types of programs.


    1. Recruiters

Similar to job searches and hiring sites, like Indeed or Glassdoor, recruiters work as middle men and women (or agencies) helping businesses find the right candidate for a position while helping potential candidates find employment that makes the most sense for them. Many of these recruiters and recruiting agencies are great resources for job searches as well as guidance on resumes, interviewing, placement, and other career guidance elements.